How to Receive Ordination as a Minister:

Step 1: Write a one-page or more biography of your spiritual history from childhood to the present. Submit to the Seminary [ ]

Step 2: Write a paragraph or two describing your current work as un-ordained, telling the Ordaining Council how ordination will help you in your work as a spiritual worker, healer or counselor or whatever it is you do. Submit to the Seminary [ ]

Step 3: Submit completed application and $150 one-time tuition fee (you will be sent to the payment page automatically after you complete the application).

Step 4: We send you (by US Priority Mail) your official, beautiful Ordination Certificate with gold raised seal, very suitable for framing. (Wallet card clergy ID and Interfaith Minister Manual available too)

If you have a question, feel free to ask [ ].  And be sure to check out our FAQ page to see what others have asked.

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All of the minister titles enable you to legally perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, Mass (give Communion), and offer pastoral counseling, including intuitive readings. You may legally attach Reverend, Pastor, Chaplain, etc. to your name, and accept money for your services. You will also have the option of filing your taxes as a clergy-member and applying for tax-exempt status with IRS.  You can even start your own church and order a legal Church Charter founding document from us. You name the church whatever you choose to suit your specific ministry.

If you want more than one title, additional ministerial titles with separate certificates are available to you for a minimal paperwork fee. You will be able to order them when filling out your application.


Minister tuition is $150. This is a one-time only cost. We accept Paypal, major credit cards and money orders. Personal checks are accepted but take 10 extra days to clear. The $150 tuition fee covers the record keeping (we must keep a permanent file on each minister to document and validate your credentials) legal certificate with beautiful gold raised seal. We also provide a lifetime reference service for our Ministers / Practitioners and Alumni. Any time you need a reference---occupational, credit or personal----you may use one of our officers or our organization (or both). We also verify your credentials to if you have (or want to start) an online counseling practice with them, thus enabling you to make more money doing what you love -- helping and guiding others on the spiritual path.

Practitioner's Directory You are also entitled to place your entry in our online Practitioner's Directory for free. This gets your ministry, church and/or spiritual healing/counseling practice some needed exposure. It was created years before Facebook... (smile) but it still gets a lot of hits!

Wallet Minister ID Cards
We also offer laminated wallet-size credential cards which declare your credentials for $10. For $15 we make you a Minister or Rabbi Photo badge, good for use in Prison Ministry and Hospital Ministry. (Please email your photo to the Seminary or snail mail a passport photo).

Interfaith Minister Manual
You may also order our beautiful hard-cover Interfaith Minister's Manual with ceremonies (everything from weddings, funerals, christenings/namings, mass/eucharist to traditional Catholic exorcisms), rituals and blessings (for houses, people, altars and even how to bless musical instruments!) spanning all faiths from Roman Catholicism to Native American. $31

Please keep in mind that we are a legally incorporated non-profit organization. We are not here to make money which is why our costs are so low.  We've never raised them in fact since we started ordaining ministers in 1987.  It is worth pointing out that organizations offering to ordain you for free online are usually not recognized.  In other words, you will not be able to perform weddings or get any kind of legitimate recognition for your ministry, not be able to get tax exempt status, etc. as you can with us in all 50 States. ULC ordinations for instance are not accepted in 32 States and counting.  When you go to the Courthouse to prove you are a minister, you want to have a bonafide Ordination Certificate with a raised seal, signed in person by the ordaining body.  We are recognized in all 50 States and many countries around the world. Our ministers perform weddings and legally provide pastoral counseling, readings, healings, etc. all over the world.

If you have a question, feel free to ask [ ]  And be sure to check our FAQ page to see what others have asked. Refund Policy

Once ordained, you may wish join to the ETS Ordained Minister Forum & Newsletter

Read this inspiring adaptation of Isaiah 61, the Universal Ministry as you answer the Call to ordination.

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